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From the moment you arrive, until our final closing ceremony, Wild Way Wellness Retreat will serving you with pure magic, nutritious food, and an  activating program to get your energy flowing.

In our retreat, you will have plenty of time and space for yourself, and the opportunity to drop into your own body, sense your own aliveness, and rest in nature. 

Our morning hour 'stretch, breathe & meditate' is a gentle opportunity to integrate the dreamy state with the awakened body and mind. 

The sessions offered throughout the 4 days are designed to help you reconnect to your personal power, giving you access to joy, authenticity, emotional release, peace and permission to celebrate life without any particular cause or reason. 

Together, we will establish a sacred and safe environment where we can tap into our own healing abilities by connecting with our bodies through means of creativity and heightened awareness.

Flow state

Flow state is that magical moment when time stands still and everything seems to be on point, in flow, in alignment, balance & harmony. In this retreat you will be introduced to an incredible tool/toy that will help you connect instantly and directly with this incredibly potent state of being.

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Despite the fact that we are now adults, play is still a hugely significant aspect of our lives, for balancing and nurturing mental health. To completely melt into the moment, without an agenda or goal... is where this retreat will take you.



We are kinetic beings, movement is a huge aspect of our lives, but how often are we actively engaged with the body as we move through our day to day? Embodied living means connecting to our own life force through our body, the vessel and conduit for, thought, creative energy and healing. 



Art offers us a powerfully indirect access  into our emotional centre. Wild Way presents various cathartic exercises that help unravel some of our most complex blockages - whilst having fun along the way!

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Fire & Ice

An opportunity to take the plunge, full body immersion in an ice bath followed by rhythmic movement as you warm up next to the fire.. 


Music brings us to life! Whether is be the sounds of our voices, the beats of a drum or the melody of a beautiful track... We will be embracing all this and more.



Lets face it, us city folk often find ourselves living in boxes, not engaging with strangers, and forgetting that we are all on this crazy journey of life TOGETHER. Sharing our lives, the highs and the lows, is an intimate aspect of the magic at Wild Way Retreats, 


Time to let your entire being exhale with a huge sigh of relief! You are here to sense whatever is present for you,  and rest in the knowing that you are held in sacred space. Its time to let go. (3).png (5).png


There is nothing quite as healing, as the creative prowess of mama nature herself. When we find our rightful place within the natural world, we realise that we hold the same incredible power for healing ourselves and each other through our own natural creative forces and energetic flow.

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Rates & Inclusions

All inclusive, 3 nights private accomodation, three meals a day, cacao, magic, ice & fire workshop, activities all inclusion of materials, professional facilitation + individual counselling & coaching support.

Early bird* until April 11


After April 11th



Magicskticks, nature, silence, music, journalling, sacred fire, food, presence
& connection

Day 2

Day 3

Cacao Ceremony

Ice baths & Fire dancing

poetry prayer Integration

Closing Ceremony

Day 1

Welcome, settle in.
Flow workshop.
Letting our guards down

Evening Elixirs &
colour play

Early Bird until March 24th


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