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To PLAY and to BE STILL. That is the Medicine.

"Come to the ocean with me. We will talk. We will walk. We will play. We will sit at the cliff edge and learn from the ocean mama..."

Different styles and methods of healing work for different people. We share what has worked in our own lives. Creativity has been the ultimate source of healing in my life. The inner realms are far more adept at working things out than our minds would like to think ;) When we let go of our attempts to fix ourselves or control the situation, healing takes place. Quite like magic.

I love to Play and PLAY has always loved me back. I have spent a great deal of my life playing because inside the space of play, my thinking mind switches off. I teach people how to access the outcome of healing through play, how to allow Insight to pours forth from experiential practices.

As we get older, we play less and less, for 'play' sake. Sure, we do sport, but that is usually based upon how many calories we have burned or how entertained the kids are. We forget about play, when it does not appear to produce a measurable result, (often overlooking how significant and measurable our wellness actually is). But play is actually crucial for our self actualisation and integration as human beings. ** See the article below for an expanded perspective!

On the flip side of play is stillness. When you come to learn and practice healing with me, we will spend some time sitting in stillness. Little by little. First one minute, then five and eventually twenty. We meet parts of ourself that we had no idea even existed. Painful parts, blissful parts. We become familiar with being OK with all parts of ourself. We discover parts of our being that are asleep and find gentle ways to wake them up.

We work with movement, music, dance, breathe, juggling, ceremony, paint, colour, poetry, writing.... The journey to connecting with what is really here, and who you really are, is one of PLAY. As your energy opens up, the channels become clear, and your emotions are free to flow.

Open. Release. Flow.

When you are with me, you are in safe space. All emotions are welcome. I hold space for you to start to feel yourself, in all your shadow as well as your light. You will learn the dance, and appreciate the relationship between the forces.

These days, I am at home in the shadow as much as the light. They are both familiar spaces in my being. When you are with me, you are safe and all parts of you can be free. We learn them, and then we learn to love them... becoming whole, as we practice the divine dance between shadow and light.

Life is busy, but allocating time to play in this way is a gift to your mental and physical health. That's what I offer, a safe and structured space to release energy so that you are more alive and awake during your life.

Book a Play Pack today.

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