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The Winding Road

to Inner Peace

If we were to offer people personal transformation at the click of a button, most people would hit that button. In most cases, people would like to better themselves and remove the blockages that stop them from living their full potential.  But the inconvenient reality is that  having a deeply fulfilling life is born OUT of life’s challenges - it is the inherent ups and downs of life itself that form the road to inner peace . It is within one’s willingness to feel the difficult feelings, face the painful truths, and shed the weight of old stories, that leads to genuine liberation and peace.

What is Personal Transformation?

Personal transformation is the alchemy of insight and action.  Insights occur when we see ourselves in another's reflection. Creating actions around insights is a sure way to recreate who we are, so that our values and way of life match up. In this way, personal transformation is the result of intentional activism in one's own life, driven by the desire to engage, interact and impact life itself.

A moment of insight, acknowledged and nurtured, that becomes lasting change.

It is well understood already that traumatic events can cause major personal transformation in more ways than one. The outcomes are largely dependent upon one's willingness to FEEL their emotional body, honouring the need for sadness, anger , grief and pain as part of a crucial healing process. To experience one's true power, one must be willing to experience all facets of 'being'.

It's not your fault, they didn't teach this in school. 

Most people struggle to initiate real long term transformation, and this is because most voluntary personal transformation comes about through intense processes and committed integration.


We all have two warring aspects to our psyche. One that tries to destroy us, and one that is wise and supportive. These contrary thought processes occur in completely different areas of the brain and are therefore perpetuated by completely different neural pathways. Transformation can occur when we learn how to self-command and CHOOSE the paths we wish to pave for ourselves whilst starving the wolf that is determined to hold us back. We are building muscle where we choose to get stronger, and weakening muscles that do not serve us.

Once we understand that we are always in a state of either 'hurting' or 'healing', we start to comprehend the power of our being. Being at peace, satisfied and content, is a healing state. Being pained, anxious and worried is a hurting state. Our lives are made up of these basic two states, and the element of choice, that can be strengthened like a muscle. 

My programs are designed to serve you at whatever stage you are at, and direct you into living your truest and most fulfilled life. 


Emily Boyd

"Being coached by Orly has been incredibly empowering and confidence-boosting for me.  Orly has an incredible natural ability to help navigate even the most complex and overwhelming feelings and ideas in a way that has increased my clarity, confidence and overall discernment in life in a way that I will be forever grateful for."




 "Orly takes you on a journey to this powerful & high vibrating space of infinite possibilities beyond fears & mental limitations…and then…returning to your daily life…the transformation and magic happens"

" Orly can help you take a step back from your normal ways of thinking so you can investigate the emotions behind things, helping you get another perspective of yourself so you can grow."


Katie Phillips

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