The Merging Experience

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The Merging Experience is an embodied therapeutic body painting process designed for honouring, manifesting and integrating personal transformation. 


It is an enactment, a reframing, a co-creation, that has you literally step onto your path with intention, awaken to a new way of being, celebrate a renewed chapter of life. 


This experience is a multi-dimensional, multi-sensory  process that incorporates 3-5 deep dive spiritual coaching sessions into a customised production that results in a unique piece of personalised art for you to reflect upon and remember the core principles and pillars of your life. Through the power of creativity, ceremony and intention we collaboratively build a transformational experience like no other. 

Your final  artwork becomes a powerful reflection on your wall, reminding you of this significant moment in your life and the direction you chose to take as the seeds of intention we planted with every brush stroke. 


Inside the comforting timeless walls of Orly Faya's Sydney Studio, magic happens. Located in Randwick, this private and safe space is home to infinite creative possibilities, utilising custom design backdrops, professional studio equipment and an endless supply of tea, coffee, delicious treats and essential oils to match the occasion. Whether you are craving something new, or wanting to honour a relationship, becoming your own artwork is a uniquely intimate and powerful experience. 


Becoming one with the earth, barefooted and surrendered to the elements, is a once in a lifetime experience. Dissolve into the glorious sounds and sensations of nature, and celebrate your connection with life beyond form, identity, and into the heart of the earth's embrace as paint meets skin. Very little can improve upon the beauty of nature, but if anything could, it would be the art of disappearing the human form into nature itself.   


Whether you are looking for a way to realign yourself with changes in your life, or are sailing the waves, Merging, both in studio and outdoor, is your ticket back home to your true essence. Through this experience, the doors of possibility are swung wide open and your wildest dreams and callings are faced head on. In this space we cultivate a celebration of your unique presence in the world and plant the seeds of your intentions into the next chapter. 


Lovers unite. This is the most intimate unifying experience that you could ever imagine. For couples who wish to break out of the box and explore what's truly possible inside the realms of sensuality, transformation and relationship. Going beyond marriage, this experience unifies human love with source energy, and is a testament to the divine. 

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Megan & Derek

Thank you Orly. Words cannot describe how amazing this entire experience has been. I could never have imagined how wonderful and beautiful it would be. You are an incredibly talented person and so thrilled that we have met you. Cannot wait to see our finished artwork on our wall.

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Alice & Chris

That was such a special and sacred thing that we got to do and I feel super grateful that we were able to cross paths with you. Calling your work Merging into the Earth is such a perfect name - that's truly what it felt like happened. You weave a rare and special magic with your brushes and colours - it felt like we were connecting with each other and with the land and sky in such a direct and open way.

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David & Suzanna

I had been searching for a body painting artist for my partner and discovered Orly. The merging concept immediately resonated with me, because it expressed how I feel about myself in the world, so I decided to become a part of the work. The experience was enlightening and full of delight. Orly is masterful, sensitive and spiritually engaging, which drives a very personal interaction and a unique piece of art.