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There is nothing quite as healing, as the creative prowess of mama nature herself. When we find our rightful place within the natural world, we realise that we hold the same incredible power for healing ourselves and each other through our own natural creative forces and energetic flow.


Visual Art offers us a powerfully indirect access  into our subconscious. Wild Way presents various cathartic exercises that help unravel some of our most complex blockages - whilst having fun along the way!

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Flow state

Flow state is that magical moment when time stands still and everything seems to be on point, in flow, in alignment, balance & harmony. The Magickstick is a magical toy that brings us directly into this state of being. 

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Despite the fact that we are now adults, play is still a hugely significant aspect of our lives, for balancing and nurturing mental health. To completely melt into the moment, without an agenda or goal...


Fire & Ice

Breathing & Ice bath facilitation is  available upon request. This is an opportunity to take the plunge, full body immersion in an ice bath followed by rhythmic movement as you warm up and enjoy the sensations. 

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Music brings us to life! Whether is be the sounds of our voices, the beats of a drum or the melody of a beautiful track... We will be embracing all this and more.



We are kinetic beings, movement is a huge aspect of our lives, but how often are we actively engaged with the body as we move through our day to day? Embodied living means connecting to our own life force through our body, the vessel and conduit for, thought, creative energy and healing. 


Sharing humanity can be activated in many creative ways. The Awareness Gazing exercise is simply but powerful and will ignite a sense of camaraderie and community. 

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Creating space for your team to reconnect and release pent up energy is one of the best things you could give your business. Not only will it lift the spirit of the team, it is proven to boost productivity levels. (5).png
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