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Orly Faya

Anthropologist, Mental Health Practitioner,

Creative Therapist, Transformational coach

I was born curious and courageous, opting for adventure, expansion and creativity over conformity, health and happiness over status quo. 
Today, I teach people how to access the magical vortex of possibility, learn how to become powerful creators of their dreams and live a life of fulfilment.
I support people in living life fully, compassionately and graciously, using breath as a guiding force. Together, we can awaken to our potential as humans on earth.

Eighteen years of solo world travel has given me deep empathy for the diversity of humanity, and an appreciation of the various experiences that make up the tapestry of our world. 

My passion for all things beautiful has lead to my work in the arts, from the digital realms to painting bodies. 

My love of nature has led to my environmental activism, in collaboration with World Wild Fund, Planet Ark, The Biosphere Foundation, Bob Brown Foundation and others.

My commitment to personal integrity has taught me to honour my word and tap into the authenticity of the moment to find answers.

My happiest moments have been the simplest; living in a hut with only the basics, having less rather than more, being with people I love, surrounded by nature. 

Journeying with plant medicine and Indigenous wisdoms has shown me what is truly important in life - and what is not.
I have flitted between green grasses, only to discover that the grass really is only greener from a distance. A big part of developing our spiritual muscle is to be at peace with where we are, and with what is. No matter where we go, we find ourselves. Inner transformation leads to infinite freedom.  

I do not fit into a category, and I celebrate this by offering my unique perspective and wisdom to all who wish to break out of the stories that dictate what is possible in their lives. 


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