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Wild Way Wellness

To be WILD is to be connected to ones natural state of being. The Wild Way, is to immerse oneself in the practice of accepting our humanity; the beautiful AND the ugly.  Acceptance of ourselves is not a gateway to complacency. As we accept our humanity, we have access to the deepest aspects of personal transformation.

Wild Way Wellness takes the principles of nature and translates them into customised, powerful online and offline experiences so that you can learn and develop your own structures for wellbeing, from wherever you are. 

By drawing upon the wonders of the wild world and reconnecting with nature and creativity, you will inevitably discover a deep sense of authenticity, emotionality and an innate ability to be peaceful in midst of chaos.

Through the principles of creativity, nature and flow we support you support yourself in a sustainable and empowered way.  Our approach is simple; live our best life by practicing contemplation, presence and living a life of service.

Wild Way Wellness offers various experiential techniques that are effective in shedding old stories and paradigms, and replacing them  simple and powerful practices that support a sense of holistic wellness from the inside out. 

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Spiritual Coaching



This is where we begin. Exploring what IS and what is possible within the realms of conversation, commitment and compassion. These conversations are the foundation of your personal journey. 

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Therapeutic Plant Essences


Natures Pharmacy

Drawing wisdom from the nature, the earth, and the plants is our key to personal integration. Learn how to set yourself up with an empowering set of plant essences to support mind, body and spirit in dealing with the challenges of life. 

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Body Art Immersion

Immersive Art Therapy

This intimate, sensual, and customised experience is your ultimate vehicle for transformation. See yourself healed and it shall be. Together we step into a new realm of Wellness, through colour, imagination and joy.

Get in touch for a private consultation to discover what modality is best suited to your needs and begin a healing chapter of your life.